Kavyaasrini S. Mahendran


Kavyaasrini is a member of the Litigation Team in ZMM. She completed her Bachelor of Law at the National University of Malaysia in 2019, served her pupillage under the guidance of the founding partner Datuk Megat Abdul Munir, where she was exposed to litigation matters and eventually called to the bar in 2020. 

She currently handles and assists in civil litigation matters involving contracts, land disputes and corporate work. She has also been involved in banking recovery actions as well undisputed probate and letter of administration matters, corporate matters, land matters and arbitration.

Kavyaasrini derives her greatest joy from volunteering during her free time. She is also a first aider. The pleasure of knowing that her assistance can make a difference in the world is all the convincing she needs to get out and volunteer.

You cannot live without the lawyers,
and certainly you cannot die without them.