Cliff Siow Juan Wen

LL.B (HONS) London, CLP

Cliff is a senior member of ZMM and has been based at the Kuala Lumpur branch since 2009. He practices in banking and finance litigation (Islamic & conventional) inter alia involving cross-border financing, syndicated facilities, insolvencies and receivership as well as performance bonds.

He also defended various actions against financial institutions involving issues of negligence, tort of conspiracy, statutory/fiduciary duties and civil fraud. His portfolio also involves commercial and corporate litigation, tort and defamation matters, intellectual properties as well as trust and confidence matters.

Throughout his tenure with ZMM, Cliff has also been actively involved in applying or resisting various injunctive reliefs as well as pre-action discovery.

He is an aficionado of Chinese history in its many forms as well as the resident ‘sifu’ for Chinese cultural and language references.

The easiest way to get into trouble,
is to be right at the wrong time.